About EOS Systems

Who Are We?

Eos systems is a Bank Negara and Hong Leong Bank licensed merchant acquirer for both offline and online payment solutions.

With extensive experience and a strong background in software technology, from personalized messaging & promotions, social media, voucher management, e-Commerce & digital wallet features, we catapult companies to greater heights by centralizing customer engagement funnels and All-in-one payment terminal. 

Our mission is very simple – to help you connect with your existing or potential customers.

Why Choose Us?

1.We have Unified Payment & Integration Platform

  • API enabled, ready to hook-up
  • Full site of Digital Banking Products & Services

2.We know how to make it work

  • Strong & Direct Partnership with Tencent Inc.
  • Constant Technological Improvements
  • Values Merchant Partnerships
  • Strategic Marketing through real-time data analytic